Saturday, August 22, 2009

08-22-2009 Illustration video by Shawn Salgado

08-22-2009 Illustration video by Shawn Salgado:

from sketch to finished colors. finishing a piece around 9 minutes. I use a wacom intuos3 tablet with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

If you need any illustration or character design services feel free to email me : you can also check out my artwork on deviantart :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Modus Operandi : Zero

This is zero, heir to the throne of one of New York's largest crime syndicates.
Expert martial artist and marksman.

abstract & character

Modus Operandi : (definition & logo)

Modus Operandi is a graphic novel I am working on, It delves into the psyche of homicide,theft, and other criminal activities, as well as paying homage to my favorite films (ie usual suspects, snatch, smokin aces, kill bill etc)

I'm really excited about this project and hopefully it can be made into a feature film one day :)

Red : (little red riding hood) re-make : 8-12-09